We are currently seeking a Web Engineer to join the in-house product engineering team of a our client, having a unique opportunity to work with a team to develop a series of start-ups, products and services. You will build the front-end sites for a wave of consumer applications that will touch millions of consumers globally.

We are looking for a Web Engineer who can build build next-generation web applications with a focus on the client side and execute swiftly in rapidly changing development environments.

This role will be responsible for:

  • Build compelling user interfaces and applications for global products
  • Work closely with product team to produce elegant application solutions
  • Work closely with backend engineers to create a seamless API integration
  • Develop in an agile environment to produce reusable and well documented code

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Expert HTML, JavaScript, and CSS skills and UI design knowledge
  • Experience with React, AngularJS, or other web application frameworks
  • Jasmine, Karma, or other JavaScript testing frameworks
  • Jenkins, Gulp, or other DevOps tools
  • Python, AWS, AWS Lambda
  • Knowledge in Node.js, Django REST, or other API frameworks is preferred
  • Work experience in Shopify, Liquid and e-commerce capabilities is preferred

Location: Costa Salguero, CABA.

Contract: Full-time.

If your are interested in being part of our recruiting process, write to hello@talentitup.com or apply directly from our site. If want to refer a friend, contact us! We’ll be grateful.

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